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Have you looked at the summary table in the linked sheet?

Yes... After all, I am the one who put the time and work in to record, chart and make it.

To what problem are you referring?

To the fact that, even though, in the long run, the end results deliver the expected averages, overall, the RNG is deeply flawed in its production of its pseudo-random numbers - and creates a visible wave pattern strong enough that you can actively see its algorithm working; I don't wish to believe that anyone posting here is simple-minded enough that they cannot see why this is a deeply damaging problem for the RNG of a game whose every mechanic is based around using that RNG... You aren't that stupid, I know you're not; no-one posting here is.

You seem to be suffering from a mild case of pareidolia.

You are imagining patterns in tiny sample sizes where none exist.

If you wish to truly demonstrate your claim I would recommend you run the trial for a significant number of events(10,000 or so)

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