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You seem to be suffering from a mild case of pareidolia.

Have you looked at the charts? Please do.

I've taken a sample that included consecutive rolls taken from four different games, each of a sample size of 200; there is, within this sample, a clear and distinct pattern that repeats, for one, and not for any of the others.

That is the evidence presented.

If you wish to disprove what I'm saying, then please, By all means, present your consecutive sample of 10000 rolls and illustrate that the pattern disappears. I do not believe that it will, but currently the onus of proof is on YOU, not me. Do the work, if you want to contribute.

200 is a sufficient sample size for a video game RNG (for an isolated game, at least - something like an MMO would demand more) . 1000 would be better, I don't deny, but 200 is sufficient to draw initial conclusions. 10000 is actually excessive, in this situation... but since that's the number you pulled out, I eagerly await your documentation and findings.

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