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I am kind of choosing to believe that there being no word on what's in the next patch yet means the devs are working on something several magnitudes more major than everything needed for the Druid class. Stuff like maybe our first look at proper reactions or ready actions. Not really holding my breath, but I can imagine very little that would require so much extra work, while simultaneously introducing another dimension of combat that could break things in a rather catastrophic way in terms of bugs.

Stuff like high ground/low ground and backstabs can be modded. Reactions can't.

I keep envisioning Larian taking 4+ months to release Patch 5 to the fanfare of another TRAGIC Twitch event, only to contain fixes and optimization (something that can be done in hotfix) and more stuff about RNG/dice with no new class.

And knowing Larian, that is very possible.
I was imagining something among these lines.

I'm honestly not particularly worried about the "long wait" between patches in itself. More than anything it annoys me not knowing to what it will lead to.
"We are taking our sweet ass time to address X and Y in these ways" would be completely fine, but "BIG STREAMING SHOW FOR THE BIGGEST PATCH AND COMMUNITY UPDATE YET" only to come up with a Streaming From Hell 3 or derivates, meaning a series of awkward live gags, a list of irrelevant factoids about what aggregated data says on player habits and a series of "fixes and improvements" no one really asked for, while ignoring the ones everyone and their grandma are begging for since October 2020?
That's the nightmare fuel.

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