Very simple problem. The <Larian dices> are either rigged or bugged.

I took a regular D20 and rolled it 100 times. Repeated 3x.
Also got the data from 100 rolls in BG3. Repeated 3x.
The results are shocking, and unsurprising. There IS A DEFINITIVE CLEAR PATTERN in the BG3 dice. Far from <random> results. All BG3 3x had a similar numbers curve while the REAL D20 did NOT.
Test it yourselves.

#For the hell of it, also did the same for Solasta...and the result is LIKE A REAL DICE. There was no definitive pattern.
Its just so amazing to me that Larian is so up and full of themselves that they have to screw with DICES. Leave tested and proved mechanics and stuff ALONE! ! Same crap goes for the UI and controls...

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