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I was imagining something among these lines.

I'm honestly not particularly worried about the "long wait" between patches in itself. More than anything it annoys me not knowing to what it will lead to.
"We are taking our sweet ass time to address X and Y in these ways" would be completely fine, but "BIG STREAMING SHOW FOR THE BIGGEST PATCH AND COMMUNITY UPDATE YET" only to come up with a Streaming From Hell 3 or derivates, meaning a series of awkward live gags, a list of irrelevant factoids about what aggregated data says on player habits and a series of "fixes and improvements" no one really asked for, while ignoring the ones everyone and their grandma are begging for since October 2020?
That's the nightmare fuel.

I think its just part of their culture and a way to have fun and blow off steam. Honestly, given how hard this company works I am happy for them that they are able to find so much joy in being silly.

I just hope they are getting enough work/life balance and R&R so they don't burn out.