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I think its just part of their culture and a way to have fun and blow off steam. Honestly, given how hard this company works I am happy for them that they are able to find so much joy in being silly.

I just hope they are getting enough work/life balance and R&R so they don't burn out.

I find the scenario where half of the studio has to put extra work to organize a "Swen show" as a way to "have fun and blow off steam" as highly unlikely.
But even if that was somehow the case, it would still not address any other issue with their past streaming events, just give a bizarre vibe to read them.

I completely disagree. I think we are just are not used to companies that celebrate Art and Artistic expression like Larian does. Its so rare to have a CEO who loves gaming and is a gamer himself.

Half the company is more than a little hyperbolic, maybe 10-15 people max, project managers and execs mainly - the people whose job it is to manage the Larian brand and image.

Anyway, I get you're frustrated that we don't have an update. Maybe do some Yoga?

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