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The game is still in early access; is it possible that Larian intends to refine the movement and action systems before full release, including making Disengage, Shove, etc. more consistent with 5E? Do we have evidence that this change was deliberate and permanent?
This decision was definitely deliberate. I don't see how it could have possibly an accident..??

Swen has talked about Shove in an interview and how much he likes it, so it's almost certainly permanent. https://www.destructoid.com/stories...-druids-and-baldur-s-gate-3-624779.phtml
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"In [interviewer's] own experience, I've been loving the ability to push, shove, and throw things to manipulate the world with my Githyanki Warrior, and those mechanics are something [Swen] says he's happy people are grappling with."

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