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Please Larian, if you are reading this....

We do not need another streaming event for the next patch. The last one was inaudible and full of technical issues. That is time that could be spent on other things.
Respectfully disagree ...
I enjoy those shows, they are funny, they are informative, and as far as i can say it seem like at least Swen is really enjoing making them. :P
Also, im a big fan of free will, so i believe that grown people should and will be able to decide what they want to do with their time. laugh

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Ugh I know I'm in the minority on this, but I would much rather take the time to READ a detailed update than have to listen to a confusing streaming video any day.
Why it allways have to be A or B? :-/
There are patchnotes ... what else would you like? o_O
(This sounds a little agressive when i read it, but i really dont know any other words ... sory. :-/ )

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!