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I think people are referring to two different things.
Some folks want to detect a possible anomaly in the whole implementation (be it rng quality, coding error in the implementation, wrong logic etc...)
That's not really the case, when I was first sampling RNG from the game I expected it to be normal. We had a thread where a few players were venting about dice rolls, saying that the dice might not truly be random. I wanted to demonstrate that randomness is random and I thought the dice were fine at the time.

The sample I had showed that while the dice met metrics to be random, but they were streaky. Another player's sample showed similar streaks at 17, and Niara's sample showed that low rolls trended with low rolls and the vice versa. Which was rather unique that three different players all sampled the base RNG and found oddities.

Larian has also changed the RNG twice, the first time it was great the dice were random and not overly streaky, now the dice are biased towards high rolls. So something is odd about the base game dice. The initial patch 4 "weighted dice" were really well done though. I'd like to have them back in the game at some point.