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It's been a heady month. My hound got osteosarcoma in April. She is now a tripawd and doing canine chemo which obviously blows. Though she is doing well now and somehow gets around on 3 legs like you wouldn't fucking believe. But now that the craziest part is over and maybe I can play a game again without losing my marbles from anxiety it would be nice to see a full party of 6 in baldurs gate 3.

You can consider this our make a wish. Whatever works

Come on Larian!
@Black_Elk, very sorry to hear your lovely hound ( looks like a greyhound type? ) is so unwell; I'm sure it must have been very stessful for you, as you obviously care for her greatly.

Pets don't really understand these situations, but are incredibly adaptable, and just get on with life. We have a dog near us that has no rear legs, but has a custom made harness with a set of wheels instead. It loves going out and still pulls on the lead!

I hope you caught the cancer before it became metastatic, so that you enjoy many more years together.