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Yes undersea, so probably a side-effect of the powerful tadpole virtually drilling hundreds meters down (usual procedure) to finally detect a fresh water pocket (and expect a deep gnome settlement nearby). All of that while your character, feet in the sand, is watching the river flow.
Hey I like you but you are too powerful, my tadpole cannot compete so, please, do not spoil, I don't want to know who the final boss is.

I meant real life, I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm not immersed in the lore, sorry smile

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This is also a game with magical brain parasites that give you telepathic powers, evil octopus Cthulhu people, wizards shooting fireballs, literal cities being uprooted and dragged into hell, elves, vampires, people that transform into animals, and others who share ancestry with devils. IMO, a river with a sandy beach is one of the most believable things about the Sword Coast. wink

Well yes, because don't you realise how disappointing it is to not be able to book yourself in to the beach front Hotel for a spa after a hard day's fight? I reckon the wizard needs a lie down in the sun after missing so often with those fireballs thanks to the wonky combat balance. Also, Relyeh Zorg, not octopus people. Seriously though it's mild criticism of it being confusing, I'm not expecting any sort of development time spent on it.