Thanks CJMPinger! Thanks etonbears!

Indeed, she is an ex-racer rescue greyhound. Fortunately we were lucky to catch it early, so her prognosis is good all things considered. She is still rocking the satellite cone and fashionable T shirts to protect her amputation incision, but happily on the mend now! If anything it goes to show that dogs are crazy resiliant! Its like they have 4 legs but only need 3 somehow, as if the 4th was a spare. Which is wild!

But perhaps the same general principle applies here as well? Maybe the party only needs 4 characters to function, but I'd rather have a spare with a 5th or 6th slot.

Since the logical appeals have been thoroughly exhausted in this thread with like 1000+ posts, now is the time for appeals to the emotions. Like just pure pathos at this point lol. All the feels!

Do it for the dog! Hehe
You know what Scratch would say!!! Can't go wrong with a larger pack

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