I don't know math or statistics, but I have noticed a change in how slight of hand success/failure rate has changed from patch 3 (seemed appropriate), to patch 4 (both variants, with "loaded, and unloaded dice") that now seems really messed up. My success rate on pick locks with characters with +5 (from Dex, and proficiency) has dropped dramatically. I really wish I could find a way to log and parse the data to see what is really going on. But in playing a thief it has become painful to do any slight of hand operations, as I am often needing to save scum as I am getting up to 9 failures in a row burning 18 lock-pick kits (each using 2 sets of lockpick kits (so another bug)). That's the longest attempt string I have tried thus far. Patch 3 did not have these issues, so the "fix" actually broke something in regards to lock picking.

EDIT: Did testing on 5-23-2021 and the recent patch seemed to help starting out a new thief play-through. I shall see how it goes further on.

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