Awww thanks Alexandrite!

Not trying to sidestep the ongoing convo, which remains insightful as ever. But honestly the rational appeals have gotten us nowhere in the past year.

What is needed now is a novel face-saving excuse for them to include a 6 character Party option after having already stated that they believe 4 is best.

So why should they cave now and do an option for 6 instead of just leaving it to mods?

Well, because now someone is making a Blue Fairy wish!

I mean just look at those eyes Swen!
Come on dude!!!

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Ps. Obviously I'd like the room to bring Scratch along for the ride too at some point lol. This isn't exactly setting some crazy high bar for a request is it? But I do think it would signal some deference to EA player feedback, since its been a seemingly popular and relatively non-controversial request from the getgo. It would be way better and a lot more entertaining to trial a larger party of 6 while the game is still in EA, and this would certainly drum up at least some enthusiasm. Also it would be a thing to distinguish BG3 from Divinty, and also from Solasta (which went with a party of 4) and make it more like Baldur's Gate 1&2 which had a party of 6.

Forget the balancing act right now. Or take it from the 3 legged dog, that we can surely figure out a proper balance later lol

But lets get something fun going for EA Summer! A big party!!!

A party of 6!!!!!!

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