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If you ask 1024 people to flip a coin, and all those who get heads stick around to flip again, you would expect to have 512 people flipping a second time. And 256 flipping a third, and 128 flipping a 4th, and 64 flipping a 5th and 32 flipping a 6th, and 16 flipping a 7th, and 8 flipping an 8th and 4 flipping a 9th and 2 flipping a 10th, and 1 person out of 1024 is expected to flip 11 heads in a row.

To reiterate, if 1 person out of 1024 people flips heads 11 times in a row, that doesn't indicate that they have a weighted coin. That is an entirely expected outcome consistent with a 50% probability of getting heads or tails on any given flip.

Baldur's Gate 3 has sold over 1 million copies. Do you think out of 1 million people it would be expected or unexpected that one of them would roll low 9 times in a row?

this is a good example

I would like to see the function used and generate like 10000s of results to analyse..

but I cant imagine me rolling dice and relaoding the game.. what is a good method of gathering dice rolls?

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