Larion is horrible for communication and new patch info if you havent figured it out theres no one really covering the game at the moment because everyones gotten bored of not having new toys. I only even check back like every few days now to see if theres notes on a new patch cause its gotten boring that there has been zero updates. I switched to playing other stuff. It was ok for a but but were over due a patch by about a month now. Its disheartening to see there lack of communication and effort. To keep people up todate with a road map. Of all the companies putting out games at the moment despite the game is good. Larion is the worst overall for communication.

They release such small amounts of stuff in patches as well currently that when things are updated they dont give people enough to do to last 3 -4 months while they patch 1 new addition it feels like they should be alot more efficient for content additions by this point. When games like pathfinder are releaseing like 4 classes full set of new visuals additional story content and a full wave of things to keep people busy and people haven even finished the beta access content. Meanwhile larion is releasing small patchs fixing 4-5 bugs and then you get nothing new really. Its the biggest disappointment about the game. The next time the release new content people might not even notice for a month at the rate things are going.