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it is something obvious that should be addressed i brought it up several months ago there was alot of dispute that it wasnt needed ect ect. Larion has never addressed ever in any discussions that I have found anywhere online about producing a road map and currently I wouldnt expect it they are the worst of the CRPG companies for communication with people. Even the people who were regularly releasing news to the public have disassociated with the game for the time being because its bad for streamers content wise unless your felicia day and you can get 5000 people viewing you no matter what you play / do then its a negative to stream content for you you would lose money doing it.

I use to stream it stopped streaming content for it because it just became not worth it. Not because the game is bad just the content is stale and larions communication makes it even worst. You get around 20-80 viewers at peek. When we had a new content patch it went up to around 160-320. But alot of people didnt revisit it as well. I know a few other people who streamed it that are bigger end that didnt revisit it with the last patch cause there just wasnt enough added to entice them. I revisited it but i finished all the new content in about 2 weeks and ran out of new options to give me enough emph to keep playing it without news I dont think ill bother playing it again till a new patch and if its during the summer I with things where I live opening up more so I may not even bother playing over the summer. I would need alot of content to have a chance to be worth taking time off being outside to come in and play the game even for a few hours.

There are alot of people who play it there preferred classes are not even in the game let alone races. Which is a big downside. At 4 months a patch they really should be doing more and a road map is a minimum start to what they should be doing.

The lack of roadmap personally as a player for me is very dissappointing even if they dont make the target dates its the effort they put in that matters. Larion basically hasnt made an effort. I went and put 780.00 on a kickstarter for a different game just because the game litterly had a road map to all the content they were releaseing with timelines for it because they promisted a minimum of at least news on any delays. Thats the thing with BG 3 thats dissapointing we have no idea what is even being worked on let alone an idea whats coming out.

This is my opinion only but if they wanted to show they cared about what people thought you would see things like "We are going to be releasing paladin next, our estimate is june 12th we are also working on barbarian to follow it up in august and around sept / november we have orcs and sorcerers in the works" even if they didnt make the date listed coming on and saying hey were running a little late due to delays is fine.

Druid came out and they got given some head way. Saying hey we can load content up faster. So alot of people let it slide they had been waiting 5 months for a content patch here we got the same thing happening again. I would be surpised if Felica day was hired to stream it to keep people interested. Not to say that is the truth because I honestly wouldnt know that but it would be a tactic i could see used to keep interest. Because there content release rate is abysmal its bad. Its like bottom of the barrel bad for a company that came out saying we are releasing this because we love DND. You would expect at least test versions of content to come out alot faster when they say that and to want to be way more engaged with people.

Hearthstone...Im just using this as an example they have a much smaller developement team. Despite being with blizzard entertainment the specific team that handles that game is much smaller. The director intereacts with fans once a week. The developement team releases news every week once outside that with upcoming content changes that are being looked at ect.

It would be nice to see that kind of effort from larion where they came in here and ran a q&a weekly with the forums especially since its there own forums. Even if they dont give you a clear cut answer it would show an effort. Or teasing little things without giving to much information thats what we should be seeing. I am sure there are tons of people would love to interview the developers who stream once a week. It doesnt just boost larion it boosts the streamer they are speaking to so.

Communication is larions worst aspect as a design team.

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