If you look at general life expectency of content its typically around 1 month with just a new class and nothing else sometimes youll toy with that get 1 extra month out of it at that point your done. While there was work done playing 1-3 characters on average per play through your dulling out last patch added druid which was nice it gave us things to play around with for a bit it was nice, but most of us expected a little more than druid and 4-5 items after 5 months of waiting. In comparison to the WOTR release after 2 months you see 5 classes racial updates character designer updates dozens of new items additional zones like the amount of content was alot more on net for a shorter period of time. I personally get it if they were improving the load time for content but now were going on 4 months again after they statement myself I was expecting like april teaser content. Were heading into june nothing new thats not promising.