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BioWare jettisoned the Day/Night cycle for Throne of Bhaal.
Yeah ,but Throne of Bhaal was set in a pocket dimension.

Parts of it were. Parts of it were not.

On their forums, back when BioWare had forums, they explained that the Day/Night cycle was more of a bother than a feature.
Which they were wrong about. But that's easy to dismiss when the rest of your game is already sustained by the feature and you apply your new shitty rule just to your power romping final act.
That their opinion was different from yours does not make theirs wrong.
Game developers tend to make choices based on all available data, which doesn't always agree with individual opinions.

There was a frustration from fans about waiting around for shops to open and the implementation of clicking on a map traveling for 36 hours and showing up exhausted, without having rested, was pretty ridiculous.

In truth not having a Day/Night cycle is the choice that is consistent with the BG series as that's how BioWare evolved the gameplay for Throne of Bhaal.
Wow. That's a load of condescending, dismissive bollocks.

Nothing condescending or dismissive about it.
It is an accurate accounting of the evolution of the series.

You prefer a Day/Night Cycle.
BioWare moved away from it and Larian is following in their footsteps.

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