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Wow. That's a load of condescending, dismissive bollocks.

Nothing condescending or dismissive about it.
It is an accurate accounting of the evolution of the series.

You prefer a Day/Night Cycle.
BioWare moved away from it and Larian is following in their footsteps.

Well, quite. I didn't see it as condescension, just preference, though my personal preference is for a day/night cycle even if it is sometimes (or often) inconvenient; though there're plenty of games where the day/night cycle is only cosmetic or makes only a few differences to spawns but where shops stay open 24 hours a day.

I still prefer it even if it is purely cosmetic. Though I don't object to the way Divinity 2 and Bioware do it where various places are stuck at one particular time of day (even if it does seem to vary as you wander about in D2) I'd much prefer proper day and night.

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