Current Druid/Land; however, a Modded (nexus) "True" Paladin Oath breaker is fun - especially if you choose his god as Mykul(sp). You get some interesting dialogs with some NPCs as a paladin of this god. As with any mod, this one is still a WIP and you do not get your Origin powers. These dialogs are in the base game, so it seems you will be able to make a Paladin type with pretty much any god in game. To be able to choose a god, you will need to first start as a Cleric in char creation screen, choose your god and then change to paladin. The dialogs are specific to paladins.

I hope they allow multi classing and add an oath breaker officially to the game - A janked up Human/Vampire multiclassed shadow Druid/Oath breaker may be fun if allowed - odd combo and may not be allowed.

My other "Tav" charecters/classes will be an Ice Focused Elf/Tiefling? sorcerer (and no not Elsa(sp) inspired lol, I created her "Myst Windlore" in BG1), Drow Rogue with a focus on Chr/dialog, Half elf multiclassed Ranger/Druid. Not sure on race with a couple yet...

My janked up class character is a bit off his rocker with a hatred of the current gods and somewhat of a power trip. He has a sense of balance but draws his inspiration from the primal and sees the gods as a diversion from the true source. His story is a bit deeper than that... I am sure I will not be able to make him as noted, but there are a few ways to skin an owl bear.

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