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This being said, imho, in BG3 we should first get a proper, accessible clock and calendar in the game before envisionning the implementation of day/night cycles.
The absence of a visible time reference is a flaw in any game claiming to be a RPG.
Well, the two things are strictly correlated and the lack of the latter is most likely one of the very causes we are missing the former.

The game doesn't mark the passing of time clearly because that would force it to acknowledge that currently everything that is shown to us is frozen in a single moment of the day.
Then again they could AT LEAST keep count of the number of long rests we do and mark each one as a full day passed.

Also, to this day I'm still not sure if when characters complain that "they are tired and need to rest" there's any actual effect on their capabilities. In my experience it doesn't seem to be the case (otherwise I would have played half of the current build with an unknown handicap, I guess?) but it's hard to tell if they are hiding some numbers.

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