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Based on that article, it sounds like the combination of multi-player and turn-based combat creates the problem for day/night timing. I
Yeah, and we go back in a circle to what what we were saying at the beginning of this very same thread, including that article that is the very same source we were talking about:

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Yep... No Day and Night cycle is quite frankly a design choice I cannot get behind, even understanding the MP limitations that were part of the reason. A way should have been found as I just find a proper Day and night cycle adds a deeper layer of graphical immersion and allows you to play with the light sensitivity aspects of certain races.
it was a very simple limitation to work around in the end: "Freeze the clock for everyone when one of the players is in turn based mode. Make it march again when all the players are in real time".
I mean, the limitation that everyone needs to agree for a long rest (and that no one can be in combat) was already in place, anyway. So it's not like that was going to make a big difference.
Sure, the length of the day (or night) may extend a bit even for the player that was in "real time all the time". But so what?

Sometime I hear the designers at Larian saying things about "design challenges" that make me think of the proverbial "drowning in a glass of water".
Like when one of their lead gameplay designers explained on stream that "Sure, in pen & paper the player can choose to spend his battlemaster points (aka "superiority dice") only after he's sure a hit lands, but that wouldn't work in a videogame because it would break the flow of the action, so... tough luck for him".
Ehr...? What about doing so that you DON'T SPEND THE POINT if you miss the attack, without needing to "break", "pause" or "interrupt" anything?

EDIT - Incidentally that very same article already had one comment I made when it was published suggesting pretty much the same idea.
This also reminds me the whole emotional rollercoaster I went through since they announced D/N cycle wouldn't be a thing: anger and disbelief, slow transition to resignation and acceptance in the following months, occasional new bursts of anger and disappointment as I was playing through the EA and realizing what the lack of a D/N cycle would actually imply in terms of variety, mood, gameplay scenarios, etc.
The bullshit half-baked way camping and long rest currently work doesn't really help to sell the deal any better.

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