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Acording to this map:

[Linked Image from baldursgate3.wiki.fextralife.com]

And the fact that Tieflins tells us that "it takes around 3 days to get into Baldur's Gate" ...

I would dare to say that on this map:
[Linked Image from media.wizards.com]

We are by the river, somewhere between Baldur's Gate and that River Chiontar writing.

I just noticed that there is scale in down left corner ... i really should zoom out. laugh
So ... average (healthy, and well shaped) person is able to walk 20-30 miles per day ...
Since Tieflins are traveling with (or more likely at) Waggons ... i shall presume they should be able to travel 100 miles in 3 days ...
That would mean that on big map we are +/- here:
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Well, we know the Teiflings started in Elturel, and are travelling downriver towards Baldurs Gate. We also know that Moonrise Towers is "next stop" downriver on our journey towards Baldurs Gate.

So, I guess that puts us much further upriver than where you calculate? At least according to this map.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

I'm not too sure that Larian have done a common sense/consistency pass over the game yet smile