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Don't want to start a new thread so will ask here.
Now that Larian have rights to do bg3, can they also do a bg2 remake? Like fully voiced, new quests, new characters, new areas, better enhanced graphics, and all?
Even if all above sounds wonderful it may not even beat the original, as it's a masterpiece all in it's own but.. possible yeah?

Remaking BG2 with 2021 sensitivities and stay faithful to the original game? Impossible. All the things that made BG2 great; LIMITED slot base inventory(god I loved this...), TONS of spells/precasting complexities, slower game pace, lots of reading, etc...just would not work with current <I WANT IT ALL EASY AND CONVENIENT> gamers.
Oh and frack money grabbing remakes! Devs, please make original games.

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