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I actually like them cause they feel like the type of thing you'd ask your DM in a session, like "Can I try to swipe at their legs with my great sword to knock the goblin off of their feet?" but I do think toning them back a little would not be a bad thing.
Exactly. They shouldn't be removed, they should get some balancing as mrfuji3 suggests:
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I like the weapon special attacks. Ofc they're not all equally good, so work could definitely be put into adjusting them to be more useful.

I'd also be happy with a bigger change: making weapon abilities unlimited usage but coming with a penalty. E.g:
- Rush could have a -2 to hit on all attacks and provoke AoO from those targets.
- Cleave could be a -5 to hit on all attacks.
- Pin Down could be a -2 to hit and the target makes a Strength ST. If they fail, their movement is reduced by half (not just 3m).
After such changes, Larian can even remove that one-per-rest restriction.
And I would actually vote for more such abilities. As for me the more possible tabletop creativity the game will cover the better.