I seem to remember them being limited to 1/short rest, so I don't find them overpowered. Useful to be sure, but I don't have a problem with martial characters getting a little extra punch in DnD compared to casters, who will not be able to use these abilities as reliably due to differing stat requirements and general survivability in melee range. You could try to topple that big brute beating you down... or you can cast Misty Step and put someone beefier than yourself between the two of you, casting out another spell or barrel or something to have a more generally useful round.

For most non-melee characters, I think they are mostly just "win more" abilities; let's you secure the victory you're already likely to have a little easier. For melee characters, correct use of these abilities can change the outcome of a fight.

Don't you just hate it when people with dumb opinions have nice avatars?