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Its not because he is a barrel-chested beefcake - although that doesn't hurt. Its because Halsin is literally the first person you meet who is actually concerned for your well-being AND what we call a well-adjusted person.
Then you meet Halsin, the first person in the ENTIRE game who is focused on the bigger picture, gives you good advice, shows actual concern for your well-being...and yes he is a giant hunk of man. But its so NICE just to have an honest, respectful conversation with a normal person...who can turn into a bear sometimes. I found myself thinking, I would gladly trade every single one of these idiots to just go off adventuring with Halsin. Like, if someone offered me half of an opened mustard packet for the lot of them I would take the deal.

(1) He is the classical hero/monomyth. Normal guy, desires to defend his home/grove. This is the familar starting point of stories which makes it easy to relate to him.
(2) He is a manly man. No amount of education will ever change the sexual preferences of women (& men) grin And that's a good thing.

The classical storyline/monomyth is a normal person starting at his home. He does not want to go on an adventure, it's his home or family that is being threatened. And throughout the story, this normal person has to rise to the challenge & become a hero.