There is an over use of barrels and explosive options. the shoving doesnt really bother me as if you were in an actualy situation where it could be applicable in dnd I have seen players attempt the same ideas. The odd situation where explosive or flamable barrels may assist in a fight doesnt hurt but there should be a general emphasis that combat is a better alternative for most fights. Currently its just a little bit too much.

Not requiring an action to change weapons bothers me. Wizards casting priest spells bothers me. Ranger not having a clear direction while I do not mind them tweaking it bothers me a little. They seem to be tuning alot to be flashy over accurate. Backstab should work when flanking and height should provide advantage however more areas should be open terrain or limit your ability to use height as much for advantage. Small surface effects dont bother me as thinking outside the box is a dnd type thing to see used. While not all dms would allow it some would I think a more effective way to address it would be to give the options on surface effects to an extent for those that want to limit the creative elements of it. I like the ida of being able to be creative with combat but with certain limitations that are harder to impliment in the earlier part of the game.

I also dislike the fact you cant opt for the 4d6 roll system and starting equipment choices based on gold instead of just being stuck with items a b and c. I do feel they need more companions to give more options to people however I dont feel they need to just create hordes to accomidate to people 1 per class I feel is balanced combined with mercenarys should be more than enough.

The character creators needs a general overhall to feel like you can do more with it. While core elements are present I feel likes its missing a few ingredients from feeling the way it should feel. It also feels like content is coming out far to slow for early access and its very lackluster in the effort to communicate and address this with things like road maps that most other companies present. It feels like it has so much potential that is just being overlooked.