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Having certain quests or maps at night would be a half-arsed implementation IMO and only serve to reinforce the sense of a static world where we can only experience things at certain/fixed times of the day.

I've noted in these forums some have suggested that scripting the routines for NPCs would be problematic...and I ask out of ignorance but why is this a problem with BG3 but not a problem in Pillars of Eternity for example, where NPCs went to sleep? Something to do with the game engines...or what?

Larian said it so parrots repeated.

It never has been a problem in any games from the first D/N cycle and games have found / can find new ways to implement consistent D/N cycle.

If only that goal had been reached in DoS campaign...
They had (quote) "reworked 60% of their engine" for BG3 but it was unnecessary to implement time and D/N cycle because you know... Their games are amazing so why would they bother to change/improve what's not necessary ? (Combat balance, chain, D/N, origin characters, UI,...)

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