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If only that goal had been reached in DoS campaign...
I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but the goal WAS reached.
Larian just declared at a later date that the feature was more work than expected and scrapped it.

But fine, they were a small financially troubled studio with a crowdfunded pet project. I accepted that.
Then the game turned out to be a massive success, a sequel came with a far bigger budget... And D/N cycle was still nowhere to be seen, because it didn't fit their vision and their style or something. Fine.

Now it's the time of BG3, which is shaping up to be a colossal game with a gigantic budget by "isometric/top down RPG" standards. Nah, Larian still thinks it's too much to ask and that "You aren't going all in, you better not even bother with it at all" which is an incredibly bad take, proven wrong by DOZENS of titles in the genre that did just fine with a compromise, a middle ground. And they were better games for it.
Dear Jesus, is it this much work?
Solasta implemented D/N cycles a year into development with 17 people, whereas BG3 hasn't done (and apparently will not do so) after 4 years with 400 people.
Larian, please, you are coming off as lazy.

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