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No problem, your point is entirely valid. He isn't really normal or ordinary, even the most 'normal' guy we come across is still quite extraordinary wink

Just imagine you come across a peasant girl in one of the destroyed villages. She is scared to the core & pleads you not to leave her alone. So, you take her along to deliver her to some relatives in Baldur's Gate. In the beginning, she is maybe just a decent cleric or rogue, far too naive to be in an adventuring party and constantly botching things she has to do. But she grows stronger and more competent, getting some nice healing talents or becoming a crafty cutpurse, similar to Imoen. & when you finally arrive at Baldur's Gate, you have to decide whether you leave her with her relatives or continue traveling together.

There, that's a story. It might not be earth shaking, but it doesn't have to be. Stories can be normal. There don't need to be extraordinary.

So that's something I have always wondered. Would a regular peasant girl/guy have a class? Do adventurers have to go to adventurer school? is it a apprenticeship thing or do they show proficiency in it and just start studying and picking up what they can as they grow up?

Some like Sorcerers need to be born with it, but can any intelligent person be a wizard? You grow up as a Druid I know that much, and Warlocks just need to stumble upon some powerful entity to make a pact with.

It makes me think of Dungeon Crawl Classic, an old skool rpg where you start with 3 level 0 characters that are basically just peasants with a dumb peasant job and at the end of the first adventure you level the survivor.


This picture always makes me laugh.
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I mean I get the smith, baker and cook being able to do something, but that candlemaker is just kind of screwed.

And the Skelton is like "Dude, what are you even doing?"

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