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Sure, Tuco, but that just sounds like making TB apply to all players when one player enters TB

Nah? It's the exact contrary of it. I said that when a player enters turn-based mode you stop the CLOCK in the background, the one deciding how long a day (or night) is supposed to last. I never said you stop the real-time flow for everyone.

Here's a practical example since for some reason you seem to be confused about it:

Let's say a day is supposed to last two hours in real time and a night other two hours.

- One player enters-turn based mode five minutes before dawn, when the night was already at 1 hour and 55 minutes of its "natural course".
- The clock for that player will obviously stop (otherwise he would experience transitions betweeen night and day while frozen in turn-based combat).
- The other players stay in real-time (at least until they get into combat as well)...
- ..but the "hidden clock" of the game stops its timer for the other players as well, keeping everything in sync.
- five minutes later the first player will go out of combat.
- five more minutes later the night will end. For the first player it would have lasted 2 hours, plus five minutes of turn based combat.
- for the other players, the night will have lasted 2 and 5 minutes of real time.
- There's a slight discrepance in the fact that for the other(s) player(s) the night "lasted few minutes of real-time more", but then again... So fucking what?

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