Hey. Like I said, Im all for 6 or even more. My suggestion would actually be more fun if they allowed you to have unlimited party members and let you decide on how many you want to leave at camp to manage mundane things.

Again, my point wasn't 4 or 6 party members. My point was to provide some flavor to camp and give reasons why you might actually want to limit party size.

So if I have 6 party members, but in order to ensure I have food and drink and weapon repair for the day I need to leave 2 at camp, viola! 4 in party adventuring and 2 at camp. If I don't want any at camp and plan on just switching out damaged items and finding food on the go, I could just take 6 with me and skip leaving anyone at camp.

That, I think, would make it more fun and make more sense. Im not trying to give Larian an excuse to keep it at 4 party members.