I think that unless they would put it as a loaded question in some form it would probably be closer to 75-10-15, with a more detailed breakdown that would look something like:

- YES for several degree of "Fuck yes" and "Sounds cool".
- DON'T CARE mostly consisting of "I don't really understand what that means. LOL dunno, who cares then".
- And most of the NO being a mix of "I was traumatized by the dark closet in my room as a kid so I'm afraid of the night" (vast minority) and a bunch of tossers sticking to the "Nu-uh" only because "Larian said it would be difficult for them and I don't want them to overwork". Basically they already made fools of themselves in the past and so they would feel invested in sticking to the same narrative for the sake of consistency.

Jokes aside, it would be somewhat unfair since it's the type of feature that panders a lot even to casuals and doesn't demand any understanding of the implications to sound desirable.

A more honest and engaging question would be if Larian asked "Would you give up on [EXTRA FEATURE X] to get a a cycle of night and day?". At that point it would depend a lot on what they offered as counterpoint.

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