Let me just be clear here. I WOULD LOVE 6 OR MORE PARTY MEMBERS.

That said, let me also be clear on another point. I WAS ONLY SAYING I DIDN'T THINK 4 WAS A BIG DEAL. I. Me personally, don't think its a big deal because LOTS of RPGs have 4 or even less party members. LOTS of them.

Is it a big deal to you? Obviously. To me? No. Why? Lots of games have 4.

Would I like 6? YES. 100%.

But 4 is also fine with me. The ENTIRE point of my post, however, was that regardless of how many they go with, I just thought a reason as to why, a LEGIT reason, would be nice. If, for nothing else, it'd be nice for immersion.

Bah! Why am I bothering? All we ever do is argue about the same stupid crap all the time out here. Sorry I made a suggestion.