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The last poll on reddit about D/N was 65% PRO vs 35% CON.

Can't really understand why anyone would say "no" to a D/N cycle and weather effects.
I guess those 35% are 30% that just don't care and 5% that say no for the sake of it.

Weather effects generally don't inhibit play ( i.e. they are just visual ), so it is difficult to see why anyone would actively dislike that unless they just want to always see happy, sunny vistas all the time ( for mental health reasons, perhaps ).

D/N cycle isn't always so obviously a good thing for everyone:
- If the cycle brings no obvious game interest ( i.e. it's just visual ), it can be annoying to not be able to see properly at night.
- If there are too many activities tied to time of day or night it can be annoying even when there is a wait/sleep feature available.
- If the cycle time is too fast or slow, it can be annoying if it detracts from immersion.
- It can be annoying for players that just want a static environment ( for whatever reason ).

All recent Bethesda single-player games have D/N cycles, whereas all recent Bioware single-player games do not. Most people probably play them without often thinking much about the D/N aspect, because it is not particularly important to the design philosophy of either set of games. But, a badly thought-out and badly implemented D/N cycle is probably worse for some people than not having the cycle at all.

Personally, I do prefer to be reminded that time is passing in the game world in some way, and I think BG3 will be considered a lesser game if there is no mechanism to achieve that.