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Oh that's good news. I miss Linux. If we get to release and they fully support Linux I will switch my OS over.

Nice background btw.

Well you can always make a virtual box and run both Windows and Linux.

I've found myself curiously resistant to the idea. I dunno why as I'm somewhat familiar with e.g. VM (the original one that ran on a System/370 mainframe) and aware that other operating systems can sometimes run faster under VM than on the actual hardware; and I use, erm, some sort of ABI to run particular Windows applications on Linux. I think I've just convinced myself that DirectX won't run well in that arrangement and a recent experience with trying to get decent X Windows performance from a guest system managed to convince me that was the case; in spite of the obvious, which is that X Windows isn't DirectX.

And then I come out with non-excuses like my Linux machine doesn't have a good enough graphics card (I mean it's passively-cooled: no point in going for a high-performance monster for something that mostly does 2D stuff) and that I don't want my games PC running when it doesn't need to, and, and... All the while overlooking the big problem which is that I don't like paying Microsoft (or paying them in kind nowadays) just to be able to play video games and that I've always hated Windows. Maybe I should give it another try. Until I find the first thing that doesn't work at which point I'll have a tantrum and throw my PC out the window.

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