Don't you guys ever move your team Seperately? If you want to charge at the group in one go, keep them together, but if you want to be a tactician... Seperate them. The controls are excruciatingly simple, I have close to one of the worse PC to play this, I lag like.. a HELL lot sometimes unless I watch the game from tactical view. But I still am able to plan my moves Perfectly. What's wrong isn't the mechanics, but rather your sense of adaptation. Dig deeper in the games that came out since the dawn of gaming, and you'll find that this, is Amazingly easy to control as you want.

I do see the complaints that you have to seperate them, and... wtf!? Are you kidding me? You want them to do stuff according to what You want, but having them moving seperatly Outside of a fight isn't good enough for you? Sneak around, don't just stand there. Stay out of sight. When your tank is in combat, the game won't proceed as long as it's your character's turn to move. Gives you Plenty of time to deal a massive ammount of damage. Hell I cleared fights in 1-2 turns simply from keeping the right characters out of a fight by having them hidden outside of the enemies sight. Play smart, don't be a berserker. Max level doesnt allow you to be as cocky as you hope to be.