They asked for feedback and for us to communicate with them, complaints and saying we don't like certain things are part of the process.
Also the impatience is not for content or even the fixes people are asking for, its mainly in the lack of communication. People actually want to talk with Larian and want to know what they are thinking and doing. If Larian said something like, "We are considering modifying the Chain/Unchain system.," you would probably see a sharp decline in people complaining about it. And if they said "We want to stick with with the Chain/Unchain system without any changes," there probably would be people who are miffed but at least we would know what their vision for the game is. There are some who are itching for new content or are getting burned out, but a majority of critiques brought up seem to be in writing and mechanics of the game.
Also the "generosity" of the EA goes both ways, they created a sort of social contract in which they present an unfinished game and we are supposed to play and critique it. Tell them what is working and what isn't working.