2022 seems like a very arbitrary timeline. They've had plenty of time to read and digest forum feedback, and to see what things are liked, loved, disliked, hated, etc, and even to compile lists and priorities based off of that. They're a big boy company that can definitely walk and chew gum at the same time. I think we can reasonably have high expectations of them in this regard, especially when they said how much they valued player feedback.

As much of a mess as NMS was, it's a silly comparison to Larian and BG3. Hello Games is like 25 people total. Larian is in the hundreds, with multiple studios that are apparently supposed to mean the development is supposed to go quite fast, if their various allusions to "handing off work" are anything to go by. Now in reality it never goes that smoothly and they were painting a weirdly rosy picture of how a multi-studio, multi-timezone project works, but that's another discussion entirely.