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People are rightly upset for ZERO communication since when? February was it? March? We just want some communication and on things that are important. Even when they rolled out the Druid class they never addressed issues important to the players...THEIR CUSTOMERS. Any other business would have seriously lost their entire customer base by now.

Well, to be honest, they "talked" to us recently, saying that there will be a big community update soon... It wasn't in February and that's something.
The problem here is that they didn't really talk to us, they more just announced that they would talk to us soon. It's similar to running into someone you know and saying "we should get coffee to talk about [thing] soon." Yes, technically words were said. But without a set date, it's kind of useless.

It's also been almost 4(?) weeks since Larian said that, which doesn't fit most people's ideas of "soon." If Larian was planning on releasing that community update 1-2 weeks ago but it got delayed, it'd be nice (not required of Larian, but courteous) for them to say "Hey we've been delayed sorry. Expect it in [2 weeks/sometime later this month]. Thanks for your patience." If they were always planning on releasing it 4+ weeks from the initial announcement, then it'd have been better if they used a better time estimate than "soon."