Honestly I don't think I'd be able myself to find any words to adress the community. You're all already very upset, can you imagine the number of message intake a staff member would get at this point? I'm not surprised they're steering clear from that degree of animosity regarding the delays. They still need to get ready for what they are working on at the moment. I'd probably wait after the patch release to adress what's next at the very least xD

Honestly that'd be cool too.

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Are you a kid out here just trying to piss people off? Just stop.

People are rightly upset for ZERO communication since when? February was it? March? We just want some communication and on things that are important. Even when they rolled out the Druid class they never addressed issues important to the players...THEIR CUSTOMERS. Any other business would have seriously lost their entire customer base by now.

Still think you're all very impatient. If that really angers you, that's you. Progress takes time, but so does coding.