Seriously, again, the issue is silence. It isn't so much that they haven't done MY personal updates. I work in the business world. If I don't tell my customer what is happening with an investment they have made, the customer has a right to be mad.

I'm all for patience, but I am also for Larian to communicate with THEIR fans. If they don't they will lose them. They are CERTAINLY not making a good impression on me. I am a fan of BG and D&D, not Larian, and their lack of communication makes me NOT want to buy any more of their games or participate in any other EAs. It's been just that bad.

All I get out here when I post any suggestions is a lot of criticism and no response from Larian, so why participate? I am seriously starting to hate thr game I've loved for months because of dealing with THIS crap with NOTHING to show for it. Not even a "hey, we're working on xyz. Hang in there."