Its mainly communication. For example the part of the video where people ranted about loaded dice and they claimed half the community felt listened to and the other half did not, that would have been solved if during the panel they talked about some of the issues raised. Just talking about it would be great, it would alleviate most the toxicity people perceive on this forum. I wouldn't mind all that much if there was no update til next year if Larian communicated during that process. Also knowing their rational would be great for that, so we can approach mechanics and story with keeping that rational in mind, to see if it actually works.

Basically, while they are not contractually obligated or anything close to that, I vehemently believe communication would be the most productive thing they could do for this EA.

Also tbh, this forum is not all that toxic. When people are being toxic a moderator or someone else steps in pretty quickly. There is a lot of complaining, but most of it is genuinely in constructive ways, pointing out an issue and proposing solutions, and then people discussing the ramifications of said issue. In fact, telling people to stop complaining about x seems counterproductive to me cause we were told to do exactly this, communicate to larian our issues with the game. And with that, you still get a healthy amount of lore speculation and even people saying they like things or saying that x mechanic is fine the way it is. There is a variety of viewpoints, and toxicity is often drowned out.

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