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"Hey I have this issue"

"Give them time and stop complaining!"

*8 months later*

"Hey I still have this issue that you haven't acknowledged, 8 months later"

"Stop complaining! Gosh no wonder they don't acknowledge you you're so TOXIC"

That's some top level mental gymnastics.

This place is a damn monk convent in terms of respect shown towards Larian. Even those of us with no confidence in the game direction readily acknowledge that plenty of people are fine with the current direction. We just want our concerns heard and acknowledged and to not be tone-policed by trolls when we show the slightest bit of passion on a subject.

But why would you engage with good faith criticism when you can instead link someone else's passive aggressive video full of complaints about... people they disagree with having complaints...?

You would do this if your goal is not constructive discussion, but instead to troll and brow-beat. The "ignore user" function works well for dealing with that.