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There is a lot of complaining, but most of it is genuinely in constructive ways, pointing out an issue and proposing solutions, and then people discussing the ramifications of said issue. In fact, telling people to stop complaining about x seems counterproductive to me cause we were told to do exactly this, communicate to larian our issues with the game. And with that, you still get a healthy amount of lore speculation and even people saying they like things or saying that x mechanic is fine the way it is.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel - dismissing complaints for the sole reason that they are 'too negative/common/etc.' is an extremely toxic behavior that goes unmoderated far too often in games discussion IMO, probably in large part due to it being a little more difficult as a developer to tell whether or not someone is white knighting or just passionately positive (hint: genuinely passionately positive players don't normally dismiss people for complaining; they understand that even those less satisfied than they are want the same thing, which is a better end product - they just disagree on how close to that better end product things are already).

The instances of people complaining who are 'just trying to be negative' are few and far between, and orders of magnitude less common than good faith, constructive negative feedback being summarily dismissed as 'just trying to be negative'. I think people need to be more forgiving of negative feedback and a lot more suspicious of people crying 'troll' or 'stupid' whenever somebody expresses a doubt about their darling game/studio/etc.