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Hellfighter and the memorial stone in memory of the 11th Sept. 2001 in the Treasure Cave.

El'Gammon found the Illuminates in the church

Hellfighter used the teleporter pyramids to reach this house in the Dark Forest.

even pyramids and Telekinesis brings Hellfighter to a halt here

Boneman found out how Janus spends his time (castle roof) - using elven sight

And now Barnabus Livingstone, the In-Between-Expert and his pics, he found out how to enter the In-Between world via hex-editor and by using pyramids on certain places

Barnie, wanting to know if these candles serve a certain purpose = nope

Barnie and Castle Stormfist, wants to know where the stairs lead to

Barnie found 3 books in the cellar of the merchant guild/Verdistis = give you one lvl in trader skill

Barnie tossing pyramids out of the Verdistis entrance

Barnie, the mapmaker of the In-Between-World
W = crossroad
E = end of path
1 = burnt house ruins
2 = park banks with lanterns
3 = cave entrance
4 = house
5 = river starts
6 = river ends
7 = just a door, was probably supposed to be an entrance
8 = cave entrance

2 further pics out of this area (as marked in the map above)

Barnie, Tomb Raider, found the Sword of Lies - El'Gammon's "magic" mirror and an Unbreakable sword (guarantee = 2 days) - Tipsix's letter - via hexeditor
Coordinates via hex-editor for the
Sword of Lies Map: 00 X= 00 5D Y= 90 87

Coordinates for mirror and the Unbreakable Sword
Map: 00 X=40 5F Y=D0 86

Barnie found out that the church has something to hide

Barnie's map of the Dreamworld location
1 = Dreamworld
2 = House of Madness

And here is the Dreamcat and the Source of Life

This was taken out of the regular game and is only left over in this In-Between-World. You go to sleep in the House of Madness/Iona's dungeon and wake up here, the Dreamcat changes you into a rat and challenges you to a race - if you survive until Polymorph wears off, defeat the cat and drink from the Source, you are a human again. Maybe she should be called Nightmare-cat wink - you can guess, into what the cat will shapechange (hint, in which dungeon were you?) - Bronthion: problems with Polymorph lead to taking that quest out (Hmmm, maybe this is the cause of the trapped chests in the sewers? Kiya think )

Barnie puzzles over this sign - well, "don't use" was supposed to be something that is not used (world editors) wink wink - Bronthion's reply: The Larians didn't reckon that Barnie and other tourists would enter this world. Barnie is grumbling, cause he found the world's rarest gem there (pyramid hopping)

Barnie above Kroxy's house in the Wastelands - using pyramids

Cellar of the watch house in Stormfist Castle, yeah, Barnie again on expedition

Barnie found the Thunder-Plate-Armour - was near Verdistis
Coordinates via hex-editor for this armour
Map: 01 X= 60 1E Y= 30 94

... and a spell book

Barnie entered the cellar of Stormfist Castle via In-Between-World

Janus's guards don't take intruder Barnie too kindly
Coordinates for the fight via hex editor
Map: 00 X= E0 0D Y=30 D0

He can't even bash up Moriendor
coordinates for Moriendor via hex-editor
Map:00 X= 40 25 Y= 50 D8

...but he has the Sword of Lies now, via hex-editor

Phoenix found new coordinates near the Imp world

in this area are these Chests of Wonders.
Bronthion says: These chest were later replaced by jugs in the imp world and not deleted. They can't be unlocked, picked up etc. If the Larians had known about these "tourists" before releasing the game, they would have surely taken care of this, made them invisible and cleared up the In-Between-world.
Coordinates for these chests via hex editor
Map:01 X= C0 1E Y= 50 2F

Barnabus, Raze and Flash puzzled ou...the In-Between-World, click here, please = also known as "Teleport anywhere via hex-editor"

Barnie's tips to enter the In-Between-world: If you throw a pyramid across the Golden River (in the first cave) and teleport yourself there - you can walk BEHIND the walls there.

2 possibilities for entering the IN-Between-World:

1. You take and throw ONE pyramid over the map end, into the black area (Shift mode) and teleport yourself then. This doesn't work in all places. Best are roads (leading from one map to the next). If you reached the other side you can walk around. If the char is supposed to be invisible: use your portable bed and sleep in there, or teleport yourself a few steps further via pyramid. If you teleport yourself back into the regular world then: you will remain invisible!!!
2. If you want to enter rooms, you have to use the hex-editor, cause - even in the IB-world - you can't throw your pyramids past walls. Playing around with coordinates is your job wink - Some examples are already described in the hex-edit thread.

You should know, that every ground level map part has an underground lvl, too - they may be explored seperately. Hope, these descriptions are sufficient - if not, ask Barnabus.

Using the skills "Elven sight" on maximum and having items with this ability, you can see further on the map as accessable. Using "Wizard's sight" on the map twice, the area remains visible, even if the spell has worn off.

Aris explains how to enter one part of the In-Between-World: Go to the south of Rivertown (IIRC near the exit to the Dark Forest, Kiya), throw your pyramids into the black area, teleport yourself there and you can walk into this world. Warning! Use an extra save for this, you may experience crashes!!!

Nemisis' tips:At the exit/entrance gate of Verdistis: Stand in the lower right corner until the message comes "Do you want to leave?" Go into Shift-Mode and scroll down, place one pyramid there, teleport and walk between the worlds.

Forum members, now in the game, gathered by Alrik, Alix etc.:Alix, Alrik Fassbauer, Anthea, Hilmar Haudrauf, Harganaxki, Thorun, Grischa, Myrtos, Moriendor, Anastasia, Arhu, Bedwyr, Ralf, El'Gammon, Alix, Lar, Ragon, Lysandra. Buad's note (healer's house in Verdistis), Ragon, Tutamun, Grayface, Eolus, Thorun, Hilmar, Cybu, Antx, Sisaya (Rei), Anmariod, Kyrill

Alrik was the poet/author standing outside the the mage's shop/Ars magicana
"...And I say to you, the winds,
they are nothing other than spoken Words, whispering Whispers, loud shouting, no matter, where they came from.

No matter what race, no matter, what species, the Winds are with us.
... And they guide us through our lives.
and all these more than thousands of years old Sayings, Winds, Crying, Screaming, Weeping, Whispering, Breathings,
the Rattling of a rolling pebble on the ground, the Squeaking of a tree, the Strike of a lightning,
the Murmur of a river or a bourn
the Rolling of the Thunder, the thunder of hoofs on the ground
yes, even the Falling of a snowflake, of feathers
all that accompanies us until the Last Day.
And it is difficult to listen to them,
but they are there, the Voices of the Wind.
Of course everything is vanished into the Rustling, mixed up to a nontransparent mash of the Background-Rustling, so that you practically cannot hear them, the Voices of the Wind,
... but they are there !
Only a Magician would be able to listen to the Voices nowadays, but have you ever seen a Magician ?
But sometimes, when you have the feeling that someone or something talks to you - with you - then, yes then they are near, the Words of the Winds, then you can hear them !
So, listen to the Words of the Winds, listen to the Wind itself, maybe you will hear something from the past, someday.
( I didn't say that this, what you might hear, will always be something clever - rather it won't - because imagine what you might be hearing: a Cry maybe, or a Whispering, a Weeping, a Breath, a Word, or even a whole line - but at least you have made it, hearing something out of the past.)

Further easter eggs:
The elven amulet C.B = friend of drow Drizzt (Salvatore books)
Grisnak, the giant orc agent = ork in LOTR
Lar the dog = was a lost bet between Lar and his programmers. Lar did not believe, he could be included into the game without knowing it before grin
Imp world, behind a flower patch: A note "Bronthion was here"
Gareth = name of a city in a German RPG
Kaa Gent scroll = Belgian soccer team
Stephen King scroll =
"Your hair is winter fire,
Aventuris embers,
My heart dwells there too.
Written by IT."

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