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That's it. You all asked for it.


And now, to quote Blackhiefer from another thread:

If you say that in front of a mirror a pimply, overweight nerd appears behind you and starts lecturing you in a high-pitched, nasally voice on how Solasta does reactions better. Roll CON save DC 14 against your own spinal cord strangling your brain to death.

They then casually pass gas and wander out the door. Take 4d10 Necrotic.

Thats what all of you get for complaining about complaining. You made me pull out the Solasta gun.

Oh right! I completely forgot to ask why you guys are still here, after all S*****a release! Don't you have to spend all day playing it and forget about BG3? This summer I planned to play Pathfinder to distract myself from BG3, but they postponed release to the fall, and I'm not really interested in S*****a. But you all guys? You have something to do now, don't you? Not that your accusations are without reason, but it's better to play than to waste your nerves. o..o

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Ya, I think it's mostly been constructive criticism, which Larian originally asked for before falling off the face of the planet. And then people got annoyed that they were trying to contribute to improving the game, but got another 4 months of radio silence without a sign that any feedback is heard, and now are being criticized for not liking that lol.

There is a limit to any criticism, you repeat the same thing, it makes no sense. We discussed the same thing a month ago.

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