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The last poll on reddit about D/N was 65% PRO vs 35% CON.

Can't really understand why anyone would say "no" to a D/N cycle and weather effects.
I guess those 35% are 30% that just don't care and 5% that say no for the sake of it.

Weather effects generally don't inhibit play ( i.e. they are just visual ), so it is difficult to see why anyone would actively dislike that unless they just want to always see happy, sunny vistas all the time ( for mental health reasons, perhaps ).

Way back in the olden days, I turned off weather because it adversely affected the way my 3/486 computers, you know, those PCs that had less HDD space than most modern rigs have RAM, ran the games that had it. It eventually became force of habit, even when it didn't affect my PC's performance.

D/N cycle isn't always so obviously a good thing for everyone:
- If the cycle brings no obvious game interest ( i.e. it's just visual ), it can be annoying to not be able to see properly at night.
- If there are too many activities tied to time of day or night it can be annoying even when there is a wait/sleep feature available.
- If the cycle time is too fast or slow, it can be annoying if it detracts from immersion.
- It can be annoying for players that just want a static environment ( for whatever reason ).

All recent Bethesda single-player games have D/N cycles, whereas all recent Bioware single-player games do not. Most people probably play them without often thinking much about the D/N aspect, because it is not particularly important to the design philosophy of either set of games. But, a badly thought-out and badly implemented D/N cycle is probably worse for some people than not having the cycle at all.

Personally, I do prefer to be reminded that time is passing in the game world in some way, and I think BG3 will be considered a lesser game if there is no mechanism to achieve that.

DA 2 let you toggle D/N on the map, while you were quick traveling between locations, with different things happening in each time frame. I've read the argument that it wouldn't matter if the NPCs didn't have appropriate schedules, but I'm going to call foul on that argument, because I've actually seen complaints about the lack of these schedules, and how it makes the game feel "lifeless". W/out a schedule, day or night, that merchant is going to be standing in the same spot, no matter when the player stops by. Some people find that jolting too. I don't care either way, it's not going to destroy my enjoyment of the game if it has it, or not.